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 *NEWSFLASH* Cheswardine Primary and Nursery School awarded funding from the British Council for ERASMUS Project  -  2017-2019 - check here for updates! 



International School Award



Modern Foreign Languages Class 3 2015 to present

Modern Foreign Languages Class 2 2015 to present



International Children's Committee



International Projects


Erasmus Application - March 2017

Cheswardine Primary and Nursery School and Spitalhof-Gemeinschaft.Schule, Ulm in Germany will be submitting an application for an Erasmus project to start in September 2017.

The project will focus on the problems facing socially excluded children such as refugees, children from different cultures and victims of bullying due to physical and mental disabilities.


German Exchange Visit - 2016-2017

  • Visit to Spitalhof-Gemeinschaft.Schule in Ulm – December 2016
  • Visit to Cheswardine – May 2017

    Comenius Projects – 2008-2015
  • Together for Europe – Saving our Environment (2013-2015)

Partner schools from Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey and Slough


  • Once Upon a Time ... in Europe (2011-2013)

Partner schools from Germany and Finland


  • Treasures (2008-2010)

Partner schools from Italy, Romania, Turkey, Poland and London


Community Cohesion Projects

Summer term 2014 – Visit to London and Harry Potter Studios


Summer term 2013 – Cheswardine School camp at Montem Academy, Slough


Summer term 2012 – Visit to London and BBC Studios


Summer term 2011 – Montem Academy camp at Cheswardine School


Summer term 2010 – Brecknock School camp at Cheswardine School


Summer term 2008 – London, visiting Brecknock School and Houses of Parliament